The Haunting of Vancouver Island by Shanon Sinn


Printed by Heritage Group Distribution, a Canadian company, The Haunting of Vancouver Island is a “compelling investigation into supernatural events and local lore on Vancouver Island.”

“World renowned for its arresting natural beauty, Vancouver Island is understood by its inhabitants to be imbued with a palpable supernatural energy. Intrigued by tales of the island’s mysterious phenomena, researcher Shanon Sinn sought to transform these legends from dubious gossip to well-researched accounts. After uncovering fascinating details and historical inconsistencies, Sinn now presents the narratives in a new way, elevating the standard for credibility and accuracy. Both popular and obscure, these stories come together to create a treasure trove of local lore, including the April Bride in Victoria, The Valencia Phantom Ship at Pachena Point, and the Ahoustaht Witch. It also includes a feature interview with Hereditary Chief James Swan of Ahousaht.”

Shanon Sinn is the author of “The Haunting of Vancouver Island” as well as several shorter pieces of fiction and nonfiction. He is currently working on a sequel focusing on ghost stories and folklore from the West Coast of British Columbia, a genre fiction series set in the spirit world, and is the editor for the “Black Cat” anthology. Sinn earned his creative writing degree at Vancouver Island University where he received the Barry Broadfoot Award for journalism and the Gisele Merlet Creative Writing Award. His focus at VIU was on Indigenous topics including Elder teachings and field school at the University of Fairbanks in Alaska (learning oral history recording guidelines).