Patterson House: A Novel by Jane Cawthorne


“Alden Patterson, the last living member of a once-wealthy Toronto family, is haunted by the legacy of her grandfather, William Patterson, whose suicide taints the family name. She lives in the decaying Patterson House with Constance, a foundling, and John Hunt, an injured war veteran and the family’s former gardener. When Alden is reduced to taking in boarders, she thinks she has found a way to survive until the crash of 1929 leaves her truly desperate and one particular boarder threatens to destroy everything she thinks she wants.”

“Jane Cawthorne writes about women in moments of crises and transformation. Her first novel, Patterson House, is set in Toronto, her birthplace, and a city dear to her even when she lives elsewhere. Jane spent decades active in the pro-choice and reproductive justice movement and is a former Women’s Studies instructor, as well as a former high school and middle school teacher. She has an M.Ed. from OISE and an MFA in creative writing from the Solstice Program in Boston, MA. She lives in Victoria, BC.”