Here are answers to some questions about Studio 106 that we are asked frequently.

Is all the work from local artists?

We accept work from Canadian artists and artisans. Most of our artists are from Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands.

How do you select the artists?
We feature Canadian artists that are inspired by the natural world. We look for artists that have worked with galleries previously and understand the business side of art sales and we work with artist that are new to gallery sales.
I am an artist. How can I get my work into your gallery?

You can submit your work on our artists submission page. All submissions are reviewed by a panel.

Why do you only feature Canadian artists and artisans?
We feel it is important to support Canadian artists and business. We even go as far as to only accept printed materials that are printed in Canada.
Are you dog friendly?

Yes! We love dogs. In consideration of other customers and art work, all dogs must be on leash or held. No extendable leashes please.

Are you cat friendly?

Yes! Cazador has honoured us with his presence.

How often do you change the exhibit?

We change the exhibit about every 2 months.

How often do you get new gift items in?

All the time! All our giftware is handmade and often one of a kind. The artist like to make new things. We encourage them to be creative and welcome new items.