Studio 106 is a locally owned Art Gallery in Victoria with a  gift shop, located in the historic Seaman’s Institute Building in James Bay, near Fisherman’s Wharf.

We feature Canadian artists and artisans that are inspired by nature.

Our belief is that art should be for everyone! In our gallery we exhibit and sell original paintings and sculptures, as well as prints and art cards. In our gift shop you will find locally sourced handcrafted gift ware, unique jewellery and one of a kind gifts.

We’re committed to our local community and sponsor events like book launches and fund raising events.


Welcome to our gallery by the sea. Studio 106.

In 2022 Kevin and Marlene decided to open an art gallery for everyone. Featuring Canadian artists that are inspired by nature. A comfortable, warm and welcoming environment, with price ranges to suit all budgets. We feel strongly that art should, and can be, enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Our family has a great passion for nature and outdoor activities. We feel incredibly fortunate to live on Vancouver Island where a walk in the forest or a stroll on the beach is close by.

We greatly enjoy art about the natural world. We appreciate the skill, talent, craftmanship and incredible passion that artists put into their work. Having the opportunity to talk directly to artists and see where they work is fascinating and inspiring. Like many people, we but don’t always know all the right words to say about art and sometimes felt intimidated in large galleries. We wanted to create an environment where people feel comfortable just enjoying art in a beautiful space.

Stop by sometime and say hello. Relax in a comfortable chair and enjoy nature through the eye of an artist.

Have a look at our building then and now!

Have a look at our building then and now!