Heart of the Raincoast: A Life Story by Alexandra Morton & Billy Proctor


Printed in paperback by Heritage Group Distribution, a Canadian company.

“Originally published in 1998, this updated edition has a brand-new cover and interior design, with a new foreword by Alexandra Morton. Billy Proctor was born in 1934 and has spent his entire life in a remote coastal community called Echo Bay, BC on an island off northern Vancouver Island. Proctor has always done the time-honoured work of generations of upcoast men—hand-logging, fishing, clam digging, repairing boats, beachcombing. But Billy eventually began to notice that the thriving runs of Pacific salmon, oolichans, and herring that he remembers from his early years were vanishing—some to near extinction—and he understood that it was time to take action.”

“Alexandra Morton is a whale researcher, biologist, photographer, and writer. Alex worked for Billy Proctor on his fishing boat, and their conversations at sea led to the writing of this book. In 1989, Billy came to Alex for help. He was worried because the new salmon farms springing up around his home were ‘in all the wrong places’. As she researched the effects of the industry on wild salmon and whales, she decided to dedicate her life to protecting the coast. Alex attributes much of what she knows about the history of this coast to conversations with Billy.”