Victoria’s Most Haunted by Ian Gibbs


Victoria’s Most Haunted by Ian Gibbs is Printed by Heritage Group Distribution, a Canadian company.

“Uncover the details of the Grey Lady’s horrifying murder, and learn why her presence chills hotel guests to the bone. Discover the disturbing act that drives a frantic, blood-soaked spectre to perpetually flee through Fan Tan Alley. Witness the grisly, self-inflicted death of a man whose ghost repeatedly slices his own throat in front of visitors to Pioneer Square. Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, these chilling accounts will have you checking under the bed, peering over your shoulder, and avoiding inexplicably cold spots all over BC’s most haunted city.”

Born in the UK and emigrating to Canada with his family when he was young, Ian carries with him the celtic gifts of his heritage. Always fascinated by story telling, social history,  ghosts and hauntings, Ian found himself more and more assisting friends with their ghost problems and learning much more than simply stories along the way. When not writing, Ian holds down a regular day job, as well as doing guided Ghostly Walks and producing and co-hosting a podcast (Ghosts ‘N Bears) in Victoria, BC where he lives with his family.