Christopher Smith

Tyrrell Clarke

As a lifelong lover of the natural world, Christopher Smith expresses this passion through his art, connecting the viewer with the magic and miracle of nature.  Following decades of creating, custom stained glass and sand carved work in architectural and residential settings he began a serious exploration into the potential of fused and cast glass.  He developed a completely unique colour bar technique that is unparalleled as well as an ongoing series of glass collages featuring hand painted songbirds combined with poetic quotes or snatches of mantras.  His recent work is an exploration into the luminous and transcendent aspects of cast glass sculptures; life size kiln cast Sockeye salmon and Steelhead trout swimming through undulating steel eel grass; ravens and salmon, some copper, some gold leaf, some painted, circling without and within woven glass baskets, or suspended in solid glass eggs.  Everything he creates invites us to share his unique perspective of life within nature and its transcendent value.